Saturday, October 31, 2009

Machine Embroidery Designs

Starbird is having their Thanksgiving Design Sale, with 30% all Thanksgiving designs, design packs and CD's now thru November 24th, and they have some GREAT designs.

There is a pack that features the Turkey vs. Pilgrims Football game.

They also offer some free designs.

Archiver's coupons

Just in case you want to get started on your Holiday Crafting tomorrow when all of the ghosts and goblins are recovering from their "sugar hangover" here are some coupons for you.

30% off any one item

Free Cardstock with the purchase of cardstock

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

I wanted to share a picture of the jack-o-lantern that my family puts out every year at Halloween. I have NEVER been a fan of cleaning out real pumkins, so I love the fake ones that you can buy at the craft stores. In the dark or from far away, people may not even notice that they are fake, and really it is about the image you carve into them and not if the pumpkin is real or fake that people will remember.

We had "The Mosch's" carved into the pumpkin and then we use a battery operated candle in it. The best part, in my mind, is that I can pack it up with the Halloween decorations, and when everyone else is out carving pumpkins the next year, I just have to take mine out of a box and I am done.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sakura costume

A few days ago I talked about the fact that my kids usually ask for more creative costumes for Halloween since they know that I can sew. After my son requested a Naruto Costume my daughter requested a Sakura Costume. Sakura is a female character in the Naruto cartoon series. For those of you not familiar with it, here is a picture of Sakura.

At first I thought about just purchasing a red dress and adding the white ribbon trim and accent, but my daughter really wanted the entire thing to be made of "shiny" fabric . . . so off to the fabric store we went. We found the perfect fabric in the Bridal Department, where everything is shiny or shimmery.

Now, how to make the dress . . .

We looked at dress patterns for a while, but nothing seemed right, and I knew I would have to alter it to have the zipper up the front because there was no way this fabric would stretch so that she could just pull it over her head. Then I had an inspiration . . . why not just use a zippered jacket/sweatshirt pattern and lengthen it to be a dress! I knew that I patterns for jackets like this at home, so we were set.

I just cut the entire pattern out, adding length to the jacket so that it would come down to her mid-calf. I did not sew the side seams up all the way because there is a slit on each side of Sakura's dress. I cut a basic rectangle collar and just rounded the edges, with a little interfacing inside to make sure it stood up. I made the sleeves short, and then cut a "V" into and finished the edges with white seam tape. The zipper in the front goes down to almost her bellybutton, but you don't notice the zipper at all due to the decorative white ribbon that comes across the front of the dress. Add some circles on the front and on the sleeves, and you are done!

I did purchase the black leggings she wore underneath the dress, and later on we did shorten them and add the fabric that is wrapped around Sakura's leg.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

Since it is less than a week until Halloween I thought I would ask all of you Crafty Chics out there to take a picture of your Halloween Jack-o-lanterns once you carve them so that we can all see each other's work. Post them here or email them to me and I can post them for you.

Here is a picture of a pumpkin that was carved for a recent wedding, but I think that doing something like this in front of your house would be fun too.

You could get three pumpkins, line them up and spell out BOO.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Archiver's Newsletter and Coupons

Have you seen Archiver's new newsletter? One thing I really like about it is that you can get it emailed to you, and that saves on paper. Here is a link to it.

Not only is it filled with information on products and project ideas, but the second page have EIGHT great coupons! There are 2 for 30% any one item, 2 for free cardstock, and the rest include Five Free digital prints, a discount on Scrap Mania, 15% off Adhesives and 20% off any one scrapbook, album or binder.

Now may be a good time to stock up on supplies, or purchase some early Christmas gifts for the scrapbooker in your life.

If any of you create any of the projects shown in this newsletter, let me know . . . I would love to show them off on this site.

And wait . . . that is not all! There are even MORE coupons if you go to this link

Happy Scrapbooking!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Naruto costume

Since my kids know that I can sew, I never hear a request for “normal” Halloween costumes in my house like a witch, ghost, black cat or vampire. Those would all be way too easy! My kids will request things like dinosaurs, Pokémon characters (but never the ones sold in the stores) and more recently Naruto characters.

For those of you that do not know, Naruto is an Anime cartoon. Here is an image of the main character.

So when my son asked me to make him a Naruto costume I first searched online to see if we could just buy it. We could, but they were selling for a LOT of money. That is when we decided that I would get out the sewing machine and just make it.

Now, I am a smart woman . . . why make the entire thing when you can start with some basics and alter them. We found an orange hoodie to use for the upper part of the costume so that I did not have to make the main body of the costume. Then I removed the hood and the outside pockets, but saved that fabric in case I needed it later.

Next I did the blue accent piece that goes around the shoulders. I got my inspiration from shirts and dresses that I have made that have an interior yoke piece that is usually attached to interfacing. I made pattern pieces out of paper and put them over the jacket while my son had it on to be sure that it would all fit correctly. It took a little bit of trimming here and there, but we got it right. Then I cut two of all of my pattern pieces, sewed them together leaving the collar edge unsewn and turned then turned the whole thing right side out. This gave me a nice clean edge on the outside. I attached this entire piece to the jacket and topstitched it down.

Then I used white fabric to create the collar, along with some of the fabric I removed from the original hoodie. It is just a basic rectangle with pillow filling inside of it to give it the dimension that it needed and I used two layers of interfacing on the inside to make it very stiff so it would stand up. Once I had the basic rectangle sewn and stuffed, I stitched straight lines every couple of inches apart to create the “quilted” look. Then I simply attached the collar where the hood used to be. This also covered up the rough edges of the decorative blue piece that went around the shoulders.

Now onto the accents . . . on one shoulder there is a white circle, which I cut out and attached with an appliqué stitch. Then I used gray thread to topstitch in the swirl inside the circle. I repeated all of this with red fabric for the larger red circle on the back of the jacket. Then I cut a long rectangle of blue fabric, finished off the edges and attached that to the bottom of the jacket.

My son was so happy with the way the jacket turned out, he asked me to make matching pants and shoes. The shoes were more of a challenge of figuring out how to make it all work, but I think I will save that for another blog.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Garland

A lot of people put up garland at Christmas time, but I made some that we put up at Halloween.

I had some left over fabric from multiple projects, and I cut it into long strips. I used black, orange, green and a green and blue netting. Once I had the strips cut, I gathered them together at the top and secured them with a rubber band. I then hooked the rubber band on small nails that I placed just above the door frame. We leave the nails in year round, since no one can see them anyway.

I think that leaving the fabric with the cut edges which will fray a little adds to the Halloween feel.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Scrapbook Layout

Here is a scrapbook layout I did in a book for another family. It is of a beautiful fall day when they went out to pick pumpkins.

I used a tone on tone paper with a pumpkin image for the border, with an accent strip of paper that had shades of green in it. Then, around the pictures I stattered some leaves and tried to make it look as they were blowing in the wind around the images.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Archiver's coupon and news

This weekend at Archiver's they will be featuring the new QuickKutz Epic Six die-cutting machine. If you purchase an Epic Six machine you will get a free owl die.

Click here for the coupons

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jo-Ann Sale

For all of you scrapbookers who have not yet gotten a Cricut, now is the time! Jo-Ann has them on sale for $279.99

I love mine, and I used it for scrapbooking, card making, home decor items and we have used it for school projects with my children. And, once you have the Cricut machine all of your friends and family will know just what to get your for Christmas and birthday gifts . . . Cricut cartridges!

Addicted to Rubber Stamps

There is a sale at Addicted to Rubber Stamps. Save up to 15% on select tools. Click here for details.

Embroidery Library Sale

This week is Embroidery Library's Customer Appreciation Sale.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Archiver's Coupon

30% off any one item now through October 20th


Free Cardstock with the purchase of cardstock

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Monday, October 12, 2009


I work with someone who just got married and they used pumpkins for the centerpieces and I thought they were so beautiful I had to share them with you.

Since their last name started with an A, they carved some that looked like this.

I am sure that they looked wonderful for the outdoor evening celebration! This idea got me thinking, you could use this idea for Halloween by carving the letters BOO (one in each pumpkin) and setting them out in a row. Or, if you have a family member who has a birthday this time of year, you could spell out their name. And, if you purchase craft pumpkins you could save them to use year after year.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shop with us!

I just set up a new blog where I will post links to retailers called

If there is a retailer that you shop at on a regular basis, let us know and we will try to add them.

Also, if one of the retailers we are affiliated with is running a sale or has a special coupon we will post those also. Subscribe to the blog to get all of the updates!

Harry Potter Pumpkin

Last year my daughter's school had a project where the kids had to decorate a pumpkin in the theme of one of their favorite books. They call it the Literary Pumpkins. Since the pumpkins are displayed at school, they cannot have a flame inside of them, so some people do not even cut into the pumpkins, they just decorate the outside.

My daughter did not want to use a real pumpkin because she noticed that the real ones did not look at nice once they had been sitting out at school on display for a week or more. So we went to the craft store and bought a craft pumpkin, and she decorated it to look like Harry Potter.

I did sew the sleeve and collar for the cloak, but she did the rest . . . drawing on the face and gluing on the black yarn for the hair. She even used modeling clay to create ears and a hand. Then she went out into the yard and found a stick to be the wand. She used my scrapbooking tools to cut out the circles for the glasses.

The best part . . . since it was a craft pumpkin we were able to pack it with the Halloween decorations and we can put it out every year.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Archiver's Coupons!

Good through Monday, October 12th

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Buy one Seat at Scrap Mania and get one for HALF OFF!

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Coupon

Save 50% off any one regular priced item now through October 12th 2009! Click here for a coupon you can print out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Embroidery Library

Have you checked out Embroidery Library? I love this site for it's huge catalog of machine embroidery patterns. Right now they have a collection called Autumn Splendor with gorgeous fall leaf designs. There are leaf patterns that you can purchase individually, or as a set. That is one of my favorite things about Embroidery Library . . . if you only need or want one design, you don't need to buy the entire set . . . you can but just the one pattern you want.

The other thing I love about Embroidery Library are their free designs. Each month they feature a couple patterns that you can download for free, which is great for a crafter on a budget.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Archiver's coupon

30% off any one item now through October 7th 2009 at Archiver's

Click here for coupon.

Plus Archiver's is having a Create-A-Calendar workshop. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for any family member.

Monday, October 5, 2009

100th Cartridge

Cricut is celebrating the release of their 100th cartridge, Winter Wonderland, by giving away 100 cartidges over the next few weeks.

You can go here to view the images featured on Winter Wonderland

Halloween Pillows

I saw picture today of a Black Cat Pillow , and the article shows you how to take a simple plain black pillow and turn it into a Black Cat Halloween decoration by just adding buttons for they eyes and nose, along with embroidery floss to create the whiskers. I would think that you could also use items from the doll crafting area of the craft store if you wanted more realistic eyes . . . you could even use the ones that "google" around.

Then I started thinking why stop at black cats . . . get an orange pillow, cut a jack-o-lantern face out of black felt and if you want to make the project kid friendly you can use fabric glue instead of sewing the felt pieces on. What about a white pillow, and make a ghost face on it.

Happy crafting!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts Coupons!

Save money on all your crafting, weather it is creating a fantastic Halloween costume, crafting Halloween decorations, or getting on jump on your Holiday crafting and card making.

You can get 40% off an one regular priced item at Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts (in store coupon), or 50% off any one regular priced item (online coupon)